Bombardier Global 6000 1/55

Item Number: KG6000TR

MSRP Price: $269.95

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Scale: 1/55

Wing Span: 20.00

Length: 20.75
Bombardier Global 6000 1/55
Model Description

This improved aircraft, The Global 6000, offers higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout and lighting. It has been reported that the letters have no significance, but were chosen by focus groups simply to improve the brand image. The range increase is achieved by addition of a 1,486 lb (674 kg) fuel tank at the wing root. The Global Express XRS entered service in early 2006. The unit price is estimated to be $US45.5 million. Bombardier claims it takes 15 minutes less to fuel the Global 6000 than the original model thanks to improved computer systems and mechanical refinements.