Cessna Citation Encore +

Item Number: KCCEPMJ

MSRP Price: $249.95

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Scale: 1/40

Wing Span: 15.50

Length: 14.25
Cessna Citation Encore +
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Model Description

The Cessna Citation Encore+ was evolved from the Cessna Citation V, which is a turbofan-powered small-to-medium sized business jet. The Citation V aircraft was also evolved into the Citation Ultra and the original Citation Encore model. After stretching the Citation I to make the II, Cessna decided to increase the size of the cabin again, stretching the fuselage by another 20 inche, resulting in the largest member of the straight-wing family, the Citation V. The first upgrade to the V became the Citation Ultra, upgrades included newer, more efficient engines and a glass cockpit. The next upgrade became the Citation Encore, upgrades included newer engines, better range, increased equipment list upgraded systems. The final upgrade to the Citation V was the Citation Encore+. Upgrades to this final member of the family included a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) and redesigned avionics.

This handcrafted model is painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail and makes a great gift for any veteran, aviation enthusiast or history buff.