Bombardier Learjet 85 1/35

Item Number: BL85TR

MSRP Price: $289.95

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Scale: 1/35

Wing Span: 20.75

Length: 23.25
Bombardier Learjet 85 1/35
Model Description

The cutting edge in Learjet business plane perfection, the Learjet 85 flying machine is an all-new stage that typifies emotional advances in flight science, structures, proficiency, and solace. Valid to its Learjet air ship legacy, it conveys the outstanding execution Learjet business plane managers anticipate from this fanciful group of airplane.

Intended to expand your reach and expand outcomes, the Learjet 85 flying machine features speed and distance that will surpass your desires. This is Learjet business plane getting it done, with the unrivaled solace of the biggest Learjet air ship lodge ever outlined. You'll cross long separations easily and unite city sets with remarkable effectiveness.

The aircraft is currently under development and the design tolerances remain to be finalized and certified. The aircraft is subject to change during the course of the design, manufacture and certification process. The statements about performance, design, design tolerances and the images shown are solely based on projections and forecasts, and are subject to change without notice.