Bombardier Learjet 60 1/35

Item Number: BL60TR

MSRP Price: $249.95

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Scale: 1/35

Wing Span: 15.13

Length: 20.00
Bombardier Learjet 60 1/35
Model Description

Get ready to raise your heartbeat with the Learjet 60 XR aircraft. This extra-light aircraft climbs fast without breaking a sweat.

Certified to fly at 51,000 feet (15,545 m), the aircraft can cruise high above bad weather at Mach 0.81, getting travelers on tight schedules to their destinations quickly and comfortably, while speeding across continents with efficient ease. This highly efficient and low operating aircraft holds seven passengers. They can enjoy the elegant interiors, which will allow them to stand up or stretch out in a generous cabin space that is far more comfortable than any office chair back on the ground.

Swift and agile. Uncompromising range and impressive speed. This is the Learjet 60 XR aircraft the jet that commands attention.